Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Past the Barrier


What is it?
Where do you find it?
How do you keep it?

This is perhaps the biggest challenge that I seem to be facing at the moment.  Finding the motivation that I need to get my butt into those gym clothes and get outside to exercise.  It's frustrating me so much, I'm motivated to do all sorts of other things, but for some reason the one thing that I know will help me get where I want to be is missing.


"I'll do it tomorrow"
"Next week"
"Ah, I'm not starting til next week, oh well"
"It's too hot"
"I'm too tired"

That seems to be one of my biggest problems.  How do you overcome that?  I have to get into my own head and stop them.

I must admit though, that I'm enjoying being a mummy and being at home.  For the first time in a long while I feel all 'wifey' doing all the cooking and cleaning around the place.  It's refreshing.  The only thing I'm missing is that motivation to get rid of my baby weight.

I'm normally a very determined person, who, when my mind is made up, will go until I've achieved what I had set out to do. 


Perhaps the best word that I could use to describe how I feeling.

I know in my own head/heart that the last few weeks I've continuously said, 'I'll start that on Monday'.  This time though, I'm very serious.  Monday it all starts!  Bring it!

This time I WILL make myself get out there and exercise.
I WILL eat the right foods.
I WILL stop making excuses.
I WILL find my motivation.
I WILL set myself on the right path...

More to come...


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