Friday, November 9, 2012

And, I'm Back!

Okay, so it's been just a little while since I last shared any of my thoughts or happenings.  To be honest, I'm not quite sure why I've decided to do it now.

What a crazy year we have had, I cannot believe it's almost over!!

We moved to Tannum Sands and settled in really well, although we struggled for a long while with the cost of rent (it's a bit crazy here!!).  I found that I loved my job and the students that I encountered where also pretty good.  Kurt fell into a good rhythm at work and with the referees too.  Life, if I can be so bold, was awesome!

In May, we finally got married!  It was a beautiful day, but it was over before we knew it.  And to be honest, I don't remember much of it!!

I continued to enjoy my job, and Kurt moved around to a couple of different jobs - ending up pretty much where he started.  Unfortunately, he hates it, so my happy, loveable Kurt is hidden slightly.  Hopefully greater and better things are on the horizon for him though!!

We're very excited about next year!  We will be hosting a German exchange student for 6 months.  I'm looking forward to organising the bedroom for her and making it somewhere that she will hopefully feel comfortable. We can't wait to start showing her different places, and hopefully learning something from her!

I have made the impusive decision to re-enrol into my Masters of Letters course to finally finish it off next year.  It will be a challenge and will be a very full on year, but I'm sure that I will be fine - if I can survive the crazy of last year, I can do anything!

This whole year has seen me struggle quite a lot with my weight.  I just cannot seem to lose any - I have zero motivation to 'want' to lose it, which worries me a bit... it seems to just keep piling on and I feel horrible and gross!  So that's why I've decided to start writing this again.  I think, maybe if I can write down my weekly weightloss adventures, then maybe I might get somewhere...  9 days until I start the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Weightloss Challenge.

Fingers Crossed!

Kurt and I on our Wedding day

My new mantra!

I went blonde!
After stressing for 6 or so months about the rental prices, we finally got some teacher housing, luckily for us it came with a pretty sweet view!!
So until next time... Keep smiling!  And remember 'Be your own kind of Beautiful'!

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