Tuesday, November 29, 2011


So, for something to do, I decided to go away with the little man out to my parents place.  Now when I stopped to think about it, I actually hadn't been out 'home' in well over a year - that's the longest it's ever been, couldn't believe that, but when I thought about it, it has been a CRAZY year!  Between me undertaking the full time uni course, doing full-time prac and internship, huge assignments, meeting deadlines, learning new skills and things, the Big man working like crazy and starting his new job - which he loves btw (so cruisy!), and him referreeing all the time, we have literally not been able to scratch ourselves, let alone think of our little man - thankfully, he's fine and we did get to spend quality time with him (in between all the craziness!).  So it was easy to see how more than a year could have passed since I'd been out to stay at Mum and Dad's place!

Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely love going out home and spending time with my parents at their place and all that, but with no mobile phone reception - apart from the 1 bar that comes and goes, snail speed dial-up internet, a teeny tiny tv (their nice flat screen was in getting fixed up after it blew thanks to a lightning strike), and 1 tv channel (not even one of the good ones), air con in 1 room in the house (nothing in the lounge room - just a pedestal fan), after 5 days I was kind of starting to loose my mind!!!  I was a pretty good sport about it all though, managing to sweat it out and deal with watching the same kiddie movies over and over and attempting to entertain the little man even though he was hot, tired and really cranky!

My mum and I got to talking and couldn't get over the fact that everywhere else around has reception and will get digital tv and good internet, and they miss out!  It's a joke!  There's not even any incentives to live out there or any help that they can get to afford the specific things that they need to get even just normal analogue tv (my parents need to install a satellite dish so they can watch tv, which is an absolute joke!).  Their town is severely overlooked when it comes to all the new fangled technologies that they are introducing into our lives and expected to conform to!  I think it's a joke, and something does need to be done about it!  Instead of thinking up all these great amazing wizz-bang things, people need to come out to these smaller communities who can't access any of these new technologies, and just see for themselves what really works and what doesn't!!!

My rant, yep that's it for now!  I'm sitting here with all fingers, toes and legs crossed in hopes that the school I was just told about will ring me and offer me a job!!

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