Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Wait is Over!!!!!!

So after the year that I've had, with all the stressing, the hair pulling, the confusion and the learning, it has all paid off!

Yesterday I recieved a phone call asking if I would be interested in teaching positions in a certain area, "Absolutely" I told them, and was then asked if I would like to be considered for a position at a school that is in a pretty awesome location (a location that I was not expecting at all as I had assumed it would be very difficult to get into!), and of course my response was "YES!!".  So then, I was contacted by one of the schools Deputies and told them the names of teacher who would give me a reference, and was told that everything would be put into motion so that my future could be sorted out ASAP!  I didn't hear anymore from them yesterday and was starting to think that maybe they had found someone better then me....

But this morning, before 8am, I got the all important phone call with the official offer of the teaching position, which I gladly accepted - without hesitating!  I had of course already discussed the possibility of moving etc., with my man, and he was very happy and supportive of the idea - we have been looking for an opening to move for a while now!  So now, with my teacher housing application submitted, and my form for my Official Academic Transcript printed (I just now have to get the $16.50 together to pay for it and submit the form) so I can get it and submit a JP signed copy to the necessary places, I will have to start planning the big move!  Hopefully I hear about teacher accommodation in the next few weeks, otherwise we're going to have to fork out a lot of money to rent a house! :S

I'm so excited that I can't keep my smile off my face!!  I can't believe that after some of the crap and the tough blows that we have been dealt this year, it has finally paid off, my future is secured and I have a pretty good job to walk into next year!!


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