Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holy Smokes!! :S

So now that I have my awesome job sorted and organised - OMG am I excited about that, my first real 'proper' job!! - we have the fun task of finding ourselves a home to live in!  EEEEEK! OMG that's a task and a half! :S

I applied for teacher housing, but there is an and I will quote "extensive waiting list", and I will be contacted next week regarding availability.  Doesn't sound too promising if you ask me!!  So I've been looking online at what's available to rent privately - now Rockyites, imagine what you're paying in rent and then add an extra $200 or so onto that and that's what we're looking at... Although in saying that, I should be able to afford it with myself and my man both working, would be a stretch, but hey what's new? We've been living off nothing for the past year or more, what would be the difference?

I did come across one house that I quite like... It sounds dreamy!  If only, but I'm pretty sure that at $600 a week my man will tell me to dream on!  But I swear it's pretty!  I want it!!  Only issue there will be finding the money to pay the bond and first 2 weeks rent... Hmm, who can I suck up too I wonder??

Plus I have the issue of trying to find something to do with Wyatt, hopefully I can sort that out relatively smoothly and cheaply... Daycare waiting lists are ridiculously large so I've been told, that could be the other big issue that we face!

But NO!! Nothing is going to rain on my super excited, extra happy and over the moon parade!!  I've done it, I really have done it!!

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  1. Congratulations on the job love!! Good luck sorting out all the 'finer details'! xx