Sunday, December 11, 2011


So in all the madness that was last week, I still had these thoughts in the back of my mind - what will I write about next??  And alas, as I sit here writing this, I'm still a little foggy on the 'what to write about' part!

Since our last meeting, I have secured my son a full-time spot at a daycare (thank god for that!), and am now waiting patiently to hear back from a couple of real estates about a house - that's the last thing on our list!

Now one of the awesome little 'perks' I suppose you could call it, is that I don't have to 'move' any of my own stuff, there is a company that comes and does it for me.  Now my mum told me over the weekend that I probably need to book in with them as they are really busy and will move me when they want.  So today in a bit of a panic, I went onto their website and started to fill out the information etc for the move - of course some of this is a little difficult as I don't know where my new home is and when I can move into it.  Still completely non-the-wiser about what was going on, I gave their call centre a ring to see if they could help me out and I'm seriously annoyed - the lady who spoke to me sounded so impressed and thrilled to be at work.  Everytime she spoke to me to answer a question, she spoke at me, and it was if I was really stupid.  Not at all impressed with that.  Needless to say, I still don't really know what the hell I'm doing!  All I can hope is that I have sort of done what I'm supposed to, and pray that I hear something about a house in the next couple of days!!

In saying that, what a weekend!  It seemed to be packed and very full on!

Friday night seemed pretty good, ended up having a couple of drinks with some new friends and the little man had an absolute ball running around and playing - though he didn't really like bed time which cut our night short!  Saturday was a bit better.  While my man was at work, I went out shopping with my mum, dad and little man.  Now I had to drive them to the shops as they only brought their ute down - imagine a teeny little old school Ford Fiesta - about the same age as me - with 4 of us crammed in there, funny right!! Now my parents don't often end up in the same car as the one I'm driving, so this was an experience, I think I may have freaked my dad out a little - he reminds me of a backseat driver sometimes - cause I will admit that on the odd occasion, I do have to 'plant' my foot just to get the old girl to move anywhere!  So Saturday ended up being a full on day out shopping - but there was a little bit of success - I found my wedding earrings!  Saturday night, my man and I went to a Christmas party/BBQ (well can't really call it a BBQ, as there wasn't any food cooked on the BBQ) for the refs.  I ended up getting my foot nicely scratched up thanks to the owners 2 massive dogs having a fight right in front of me!  Sunday turned out to be much the same - although I swear it was soooo hot that it felt like I was swimming in my own sweat (just to paint you a picture of just how hot I was!).  And then it was more SHOPPING!  I had a bit more success, finding the last few pieces of jewellery for the wedding!  At least that's crossed off my wedding to-do list!

Wow, so sitting here thinking that I really need to get some ideas and get my butt into gear and sort out my wedding invitations once and for all.  I have so many ideas in my head of what I want, but I just can't seem to find anything that I really like!  If you have any ideas on some artsy photos ideas that we could do for a picture of the 2 of us to use on the invites - please let me know!!

But for now, I think I'm just going to chillax and do very little.  I think that seems appropriate, given the weather!

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