Monday, December 12, 2011

Like a Big Clap of Thunder!

So, ever since I was a little kiddy, I've been terrified of thunder and lightning.  Not sure why or what it is about it that scares me, I just know that it has always been like that.  Now thanks to the insane heat that we have been experiencing of late, almost everyday for the last few days we have had some sort of storm.  Perhaps Sunday afternoons is the only one worth mentioning.  So while the storm crept up from us, I was bracing myself for it.  My little man had no idea what was about to happen and thus continued to play as per usual, my other man decided to disappear next door to 'see what was going on' leaving me all to my lonesome (he is aware of my fear!).  So I was off to a great start.  When the storm finally hit, holy cow it was crazy!  Lots of big wind and the thunder and lightning was intense!  Big flashes and even bigger claps of thunder, a few of which sounded very close to home.  As I was cowering under a blanket on the couch in the lounge room, my little man ran around the lounge room laughing at me and playing, and I could hear my other man next door carrying on each time there was a clap of thunder.  I was petrified!  To make matters worse, by the end of it, I think that I had actually started to scare my little man each time I jumped.  So when my man came home, I was practically in tears and the little man was cowering on the other couch - to get away from me!  I know, it does sound pretty pathetic coming from a 23 year old, but hey, everyone has things that they're afraid of, mine just so happens to occur when it gets really hot!  Thankfully yesterday there was only a few little rumbles of thunder and no real storm, just a bit of rain!  I'm already sort of sensing that today we may be in for another storm due to the fact that when I got out of bed at abotu 8.30am it was already disgustingly hot!

Yesterday's storm clouds rolling in!

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